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Averie Patricia-Lee Wiles is 11 Months old.

No one told me that my sweet little newborn would grow so fast. ): 
I cannot believe she is 11 months old!! That means next month she’ll be One Year Old. 
Please excuse me while I cry in the corner. 

I do not have her measurements or weight because her next Dr. Appointment is on her birthday.
-Me and Daddy of course. She follows us everywhere.
-Everything she can’t have
-Mashed Potatoes
-Her Papa
-Bath time
-Anything she can eat
-Giving kisses
– The word “no”.
-When we catch her doing something she isn’t suppose to.
Silly things she does:
-Dances when we put music on.
-Claps when we catch her in the act.
-Picks her binky up off the floor with her mouth instead of her hands. 
-Jibber jabbers at her stuffed animals.
Averie is a pro crawler now. She acts like she wants to stand but then just sits back down. She’s too lazy. She knows she has daddy and papa who always pick her up! I guess she will stand when she wants, not when her mama wants. 
Yesterday Erich was playing with her and her stuffed animals and he asked her, “Where’s the nose?” and she pointed to the nose. She is so smart already. 
She has such a sassy personality…Oh boy am I in trouble..
She argues with me when I tell her no. 
The best way I can describe my kid is by saying, she’s a sour patch kid. Sour but sweet. She’ll pull my hair and then give me kisses. Perfect likeness right? 
This Blues Clues was mine when I was like 7 or 8.
She absolutely loves this stuffed animal. I think because of the big blue nose. 
She probably thinks its food. 
The Pooh Bear she got from Her Grandma Donna and she just loves this too!
 Yeah, Her and I always take selfies.
 This was the first time she had spaghetti and 
she loved it as you can tell by the mess.

 This was on Thanksgiving.
She had turkey, mashed potatoes and a roll that day,
which she also loved as you can tell by her silly smile.
Stop getting bigger Averie, You’re making mam sad. 

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