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California trip part two.

We came here for my husband’s work training so I knew we wouldn’t be doing much or anything but, we were able to get out of the hotel room yesterday. Not anywhere too exciting but we enjoyed it. We took Averie to a park for the first time. (I don’t like the parks where I live. It took us visiting California to take our daughter to a park. lol)
There were so many trees (That were not dead like in Vegas) all over and the park had GRASS. Like full on grass. Not dirt or weeds.

She didn’t know what ¬†to think of sitting in the grass at first but then realized she could pull the grass out and loved it. lol. This was Fruitveill Park and it was huge.

Averie had fun on the slide (It was a tiny slide that Erich held her and slid her down) and the swing. I was lucky to get a decent picture of her on the swing because there was a toddler in the swing next to her that she would not stop staring at.

While at the park, Erich and I played on this twisting seat thing that would not stop spinning. You literally had to best guess when the right time was and jump off, otherwise you’d probably end up puking. Haha.

I cannot say enough how important it is to do things together as a family.

It is clearly obvious how much Averie just loves her Daddy. All day when Erich is at work, Averie says, “Dadadadada. DAD. Da-dee” up until Erich walks in the door. Her excitement when he comes home from work is just the cutest thing that just melts your heart. She Knows when I am on the phone with him too; she will stare at me and say, “Dadada” until i give her the phone so she can talk to him. Seeing them together just makes me so happy beyond belief. Seeing how much He loves his girl makes me love and adore him so much more. We definitely have a Daddy’s girl for sure. Uh oh. Poor Erich. :’D

I wish I would have brought my tripod on this trip but, I didn’t so this is the closet I can get to a family picture. Who does she look like more? Is she a good mix of the both of us? [Please excuse my tired looking face]¬†

And of course, here are some other picture for your enjoyment. 
I just love her smile! All mouth. She really is such a happy baby. She just turned 10 months old today too. Excuse me while I go ball my eyes out. 

This is a flower outside the hotel I am staying at. 
Couldn’t resist, had to take a picture.
She was watching a grown lady in a skirt, riding a scooter. lol
Just some things that happened: 
-Erich tried Chipotle for the first time yesterday which is shocking because he loves Mexican food. lol

-The second night we were here, we took Averie out on the back patio to get fresh air and as we were walking back to the door to go inside, we heard the door shut… When we go to the door, it was locked. All the gates out there leading to the front were also locked. Erich had to climb the fence and go in and let me and Averie back in.
-I was waking in from outside to go back to our room…We have a defective card key that takes¬†multiple times of sticking it in the slot for the door to open so I was standing at my door, trying to get it to open, I had to have stuck the card in the slot like 10 times, and the front desk woman, who has seen me every night for the past 4 nights and checked us in the day we got here, was yelling at me from down the hall trying to tell me that the door I was trying to open wasn’t mine but I insisted that it was and then she insisted that it really wasn’t. Then I got the door open.¬†She look freaked out like I was trying to break into someone else’s room. (This was the same woman who locked us outside and didn’t even think to look and make sure no one was outside.)

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