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Fall Time festivities.

For those of you who really know me, you’d know that fall time is my absolute¬†favorite time of the year! I pretty much love everything about it! The colors, the cool weather (I grew up in Vegas so I can’t tell you enough how much I hate summer time), but most of all, Halloween! Before I had my daughter, I was one of those crazy over decorators. Last year, I decorated my ceiling with cobwebs and spiders. Every inch of my house was decorated. This year I still decorated, no where as crazy as last year but still feels like Halloween time here. (I cant say enough how much a pain in the butt it was to take cobwebs off the ceiling)¬†

Here are a few of my decorations which are not even half of what I have. 
I have never been so excited for Halloween like I am this year; My baby girl gets to be apart of it. She is going to grow up loving Halloween like her momma (I hope). 
A few weeks ago we went to Gilcrease Orchard and we picked out pumpkins. Averie Loved it outside and was just happy and giggly the entire time. 

Probably one of the best pictures I have of them.

A pumpkin just her size. She had a blast playing with the pumpkins we got.

Last night we had a family pumpkin carving night. Definitely a tradition we are going to keep doing. 
Daddy “Helped” Averie carve hers.¬†
It makes me so happy to do all these things with her that I did with my family when I was little. 
Of course our dog had to be apart of the pumpkin carving.

Makes me sad, this Halloween will be the first time in 3 years that we don’t have my step-son Dom. He shares my love obsession of Halloween. He was actually disappointed that I didn’t crazy decorate this year.¬†

Please Excuse my disgustingness and please enjoy her cuteness. 

My 9 and a half month already knows what a selfie is. 

In light of Fall/Halloween time, here are some other related festivities.

I bought this cookie mix a while ago but never made it until the other day because it says it makes 3 dozen cookies and I didn’t think they would all be eaten… I was wrong.. There is like 2 left. Lol. I am not a big fan of pumpkin flavored anything but I love these cookies!

I did my own nails Halloween colors. Yes, those are my natural nails, not acrylics. (:

As you can tell, I more than just love Halloween and fall time. It feels more family-ish than the rest of the year.

Now, you are probably wondering what our jack-o-lanterns look like, right?

Mine & Erich’s.

Dom’s Pirate Pumpkin.

Averie’s Happy pumpkin.

This one was an extra that we got for picture purposes but I decided to carve it anyways and only gave it 2 teeth like Averie.

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