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One Year Wedding Anniversary FAIL?

Yesterday was Mine and My husband’s one year wedding anniversary which is also the same day as our good friend’s, Todd and Tina’s wedding anniversary. This past Saturday, the 4 of us went and had dinner together at this Amazing real Italian restaurant where Erich proposed to me. It was great to be able to celebrate our anniversaries together but Erich and I wanted to do something together, just the two of us for our first wedding anniversary.
We decided we were going to see a movie. We hardly ever go to the movie theaters. We usually just wait until the movie comes out on DVD. So we picked a movie, got ready and left… When we got to the theater, I got out of the car and heard air leaking from my tire pretty loud. Erich looked for the leak and found a nail in the tire and pulled it out and then air just started pouring out so he shoved the nail back in the hole. It was like 10 minutes until the movie started. There was a gas station right across the street from the theater and they sell patch kits so we drove there thinking we could patch it up real quick and still make the movie… Wrong… We get to the gas station and the 2 store clerks were sitting outside smoking and they said they were closed for 30 minutes…. As you can probably already guess, we missed our movie and unfortunately, it was the last showing.

Since the gas station right near the theater was closed and we didn’t have the tools in the car to change the tire, we had to drive down the road to walmart in hopes that we make it there before our tire completely deflates… We just made it to the side parking lot. The tire was completely flat and off the rim. We had to buy a tire iron and fix a flat because my spare tire also had a hole but a huge one. When we were in walmart, we decided to get a new movie to watch at home for our date. We were pretty bummed when we got to walmart because our date was ruined but our mood changed when we got back outside and noticed a woman also parked in the parking lot with the same problem. So after Erich changed our tire, we went over and asked her if she needed help and she did because she bought the same tire iron as us and it didn’t fit the lug nuts on her tire. She had been sitting there longer than us actually and she had 2 strangers try and help her with no luck. We didn’t have the tool in our car that would fit either but it was at My father in laws house down the street so we asked her if she had any one else to help and she said no she we told her we’d be back in 15 minutes with the right tool to change her tire. Before we headed to get the tool, we stopped at the gas station to put air in our tire. On our way to get the tool, we ran out of gas literally like 100 feet from our destination… My gas gauge doesn’t work right and it said we had a little bit of gas; what we thought was enough gas to get to the tool and back to the girl who needed  help… Nope… So we are sitting there laughing thinking, “What else can possibly go wrong tonight with this car?!” We had to call my mom to come get us to take us to the gas station right down the street to get a gas can and gas. My mom got a kick out of what has happened to us. So we get the gas and head back to our car and as Erich is pulling the nozzle out of the gas can, he dumps gas on the back of our car because there was gas in the nozzle. Awesome. So we get the gas and the tool and head over to the girl who needed help and changed her tire and then went home.

 We were happy and laughing at the end of the night and were just happy that we got to spend time together even under the circumstances. We did help someone else who had no one else to help her so that was pretty cool.

Maybe We got a flat tire so we would end up at walmart to help her. Who knows.

Our first picture together.

3 1/2 years together, 1 year married.

 Oh dear husband of mine,
I guess I should thank whoever hired me at walmart because it brought me to you. Never did I think I would find my soulmate there of all places but I surely did. I hope you understand how much you mean to me. You are my best friend, true love and my forever person. I thought I have fallen in love before but when I fell in love with you, there was no question whatsoever that it was true love… that it was 100% real.
You are my rock and you keep me positive and going when I just want to give up. You make me laugh when I am having a bad day (or week). You have shown me what a true family is. I love you Erich Wiles, with all of my being. You are the man I am going to grown old with.
Happy Anniversary sweetheart. Here’s to many many many more anniversaries together.

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