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DIY Baby Skirt.

 Baby Skirt!
Unfortunately I did not take photos during the making of this skirt but it’s pretty easy to understand how to make without pictures (If you have basic sewing skills that is).

What you’ll need:

  • A yard of any fabric you want your skirt to be made from(You don’t really even need that much)
  • 1” Elastic¬†
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine of course
  • scissors


  • Measure your baby’s waist with measuring tape¬†
  • Elastic will be the same as waist measurement
  • The length of the skirt will be half the size of the waist measurement
  • The Width of the skirt is going to be doubled (or tripled if you want it it extra ruffly) the waist size.¬†
Lets say your baby’s waist measured 18”. That means your elastic will be the same length, the length of the skirt will be half that which is 9” and the width of the skirt will be doubled (or tripled) which will be 36”. ¬†These are Averie’s measurements.¬†

Step one:
Cut out a 9″ by 36″ piece of fabric and an 18” piece of 1″ thick elastic.
Step two: 
Fold the piece of fabric in half width wise, pretty sides together and sew them together.

Step three:
Fold the top of the skirt down a little over an inch and sew all around leaving about a 2″ opening to feed the elastic through.
Then hem the bottom of the skirt. Do it to your preference, depending how long you want the skirt to be.
Step four: 
Put a safety pin through the end of one side of the elastic.
Now push the safety pin through the opening you left at the top of your skirt and feed through the waist band of the skirt. Make sure you keep the other end of the elastic from going through the fabric. The fabric should start bunching up as you feed the elastic through. Once you have gotten the elastic all the way through (Both ends of the elastic are out), put one end of the elastic over the other and sew the ends together.
Step five:
Now push the rest of the elastic under the waist band and sew the opening closed.
Note:¬†Before you sew the opening closed, try the skirt on your baby to see if it fits just in case it doesn’t and need to make adjustments. If it’s too big, sew the elastic ends further together, which will make the waistband smaller.¬†

The Finished product!!

Pretty easy right? 
I learned how to sew when I was a Sophomore in high school which was 8 years ago. I’ve made a ton of things but baby clothes have to be my absolute favorite.¬†
Hope you enjoyed this! 

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