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Mom of the month. (August)


So I have decided to give ‘Shout outs’ to moms that inspire me because well, they deserve recognition. Each month, I will pick a momma who inspires me and interview them. Hope you enjoy this… 😀

A Mom who inspires me.
Cat Fritz
So this awesome mom right here is a single mother to 4 boys!!! I thought 1 girl can be difficult but 4 boys?! 
Here is what I asked Cat.
1. What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?


Trying to raise 4 boys by myself and showing them how to be a gentlemen.


2. What is something you want your kids to learn when they get older?


To never give up and always have respect for people.


3. How would you describe your kids personalities? Would you say they’re like you?

Eli- quite and very smart.


Kaden- total tough guy.
Levi- Knows what he wants.
Owen- quite smart and observant.
I think they all reflect me in a way. They also have some personalities of their dad.


4. What is one thing you make sure your kids always know and understand?


Nothing is handed to you in life, you have to earn it.


5. Who is your go-to person when you need advice/help?


My older sister, Pattie.


6. Who do you look up to as a mom?


My mother. She had 6 kids worked full time and got a college education.


7. What have you learned since becoming a mom?


Every child is different. So, you have to learn different ways to teach them.


8. What is one of the things you love most about being a mom?


Knowing my kids have a good heart.


I have gotten to know know Cat a little bit through a momma group that we are both in. She has been through some rough times and difficult challenges in her life but still manages to be super-mom for her boys. Could you imagine taking care of 4 boys by yourself? That means literally doing everything for them, by yourself. I sure as hell couldn’t. To do what she does everyday, takes a whole lot of love and patience. I’m sure there are plenty of nights that she doesn’t sleep. In fact I know this to be true because just the other night she was giving one of her boys a bath at 2 A.M. because he was having growing pains.
She is a strong momma. Cat I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me. You inspire me to be more patient and understanding. It’s mom’s like you that make me and other first time moms never want to give up.
I am going to try and remember to do this each month…Sometimes I forget things. After pregnancy, pregnancy brain is the excuse I like to use…

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