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Half a Year old Averie.

I know I do more of these posts than anything but Averie’s milestones are the highlights of my life. LOL

So Miss Averie is now 6 months old. HOLY FREAKIN CRAP. When the heck did that happen?! I still remember everything about the day that I had her and being in the hospital for 4 days like it was just yesterday. They really do get big fast.

At her last doctor’s appointment (07/05/16) She weighed 15.1 Lbs and is 26 inches tall. She’s actually above average in height. Wonder where she got that from. Lol

Averie is such a goofy baby. She laughs at you when you sneeze, oink and gobble. LOL
She gets super excited when you hand her something that she can shake. She loves playing with wipes. Her all time favorite “toy” is her feet.


  • Her feet
  • Mickey Mouse (Still)
  • Our dogs
  • Her Brother, Dominick (All he has to do it look at her and she gets the biggest grin)
  • Her Bumbo Chair
  • Diapers (Who needs toys, right?)
  • Swimming 


  • Loud sudden noises or people with loud scary voices (Who doesn’t)
  • When you take her fingers out of her mouth
  • Getting shots (She balled which made me ball) 

Still not too many dislikes which is good.


  • She has mastered rolling over
  • She now eats solid baby food (She loves green beans)
  • Her first tooth broke though her gums the other night

She is soooo close to sitting up on her own and since she has figured out how to roll over, she is understanding the idea of crawling. She will put her face on the ground and try to wiggle her way forward but, she gets frustrated really quick. lol
She does amazing sleeping in her crib. She hardly ever wakes up in the middle of the night except for recently when her tooth broke through.  She’s such a great baby. I just love her little self!

Picture Time!!

I have tons and tons of pictures of her.

(I wonder when she’s going to grow more hair. Doesn’t seem like she has grown any more since I’ve had her. Right now, She’s rocking the mullet.)

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