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Nap time.

Lets be honest here, as much as we love spending time playing with our babies and making them laugh, we love nap time just as much. Nothing wrong with that. Babies need sleep and mommas need mom time to do whatever.

once Averie turned 2 months old, she would not take a nap longer than 15 minutes, a few times a day. I could never get anything done or even take a nap myself which we all know is what most of us moms want/need. Just a few weeks ago she started taking two, hour and a half to two hour naps a day. I was beginning to think that she would never take naps.

Today she fell asleep for her first nap and I decided I was going to clean my kitchen and living room which is strange because I usually choose to nap with her. I guess I had more energy today. Haha.
A lot of the times when I choose to nap with her, it seems like she knows I am trying to sleep too and then wakes up and wants to play. Pretty much every time!

Although this quote is funny, it does not work with my daughter.
I think she can sense when I am awake or in the room.
So, during nap time today, I did not nap. I actually accomplished something. I finally got my kitchen cleaned…just for it to be messed up by tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning! When you live with boys and dogs, you pretty much have this kind of relationship with cleaning anything!
This is what I was working with earlier. There are actually far more dishes than shown here; pans that were left on the stove from last nights spaghetti dinner. I hate washing pans. They.Are.Evil. Oh and so are bottles. Washing bottles suck. As much as I love the Dr. Brown’s bottles, they have to be the worst ones to clean ever! I only have 6, so I wash bottles everyday!
Here is the finished product. I really just hid everything in the dishwasher… Just joking. I’ve thought about though, not gonna lie but I would be the one who has to clean it later. Again, a love/hate relationship.
I also managed to clean the living room, clean out the fridge, and put clean towels away. All during nap time!
I now wish I would have taken a nap with Averie. She is WIDE awake and isn’t going to sleep until bedtime around 9 or 10 pm.
By the time I get the rest of the house cleaned, the rooms I first cleaned will be dirty again.
Sounds about right.

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