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Little Miss Averie

9 Months later…

Averie Patricia-Lee Wiles
January 10th, 2016
1:14 P.M.
7 Pounds and 4 Ounces
19 1/2 Inches long

Finally, She is here (now 10 days old).
For the first few days it was so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was a mommy.

How was labor you ask?
Well, labor was not that bad actually. I was having small contractions after they gave me pitocin but they weren’t that bad. Around 5 am, my contractions got worse which is when the Anesthesiologist came in to give me the epidural which I didn’t feel any part of. After they gave me the epidural, they broke my water. I kept pressing the button that the anesthesiologist gave me in case the pain became to hard to handle. well, the button wasn’t working for me! He had to come back in (2 different times lol) to give me something for the pain. The last time he gave me something he said “Okay, I cannot give you anymore after this. This will make it so you can’t feel anything so don’t try and get up. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything during birth.” He was wrong. I didn’t feel anything during birth. Like nothing at all. no pain or pressure or discomfort whatsoever.¬†
I had 4 different people telling me to push (The doctor, nurse, erich and my mom) but I couldn’t even feel if I was pushing or not. I kept asking, “Am I even pushing? Cause I really can’t feel anything.” LOL
(The feeling in my right leg did not come back for like 5 hours after i gave birth)
The only thing I kept talking about during birth was food. My doctor had put me on an all liquid diet for the past day and a half and all I could “eat” was ice. So I was starving.¬†
Summed up, Labor was a breeze.

How is baby?
Baby was perfect. I’m pretty sure I cried when I first saw her but who knows, I was drugged up. (I balled)
She did have a bit of jaundice so we did have to stay an extra day.
She took getting shots and poked by needles like a champ, it’s the taking of the temperature under the armpit that made her mad!
She is such a good baby. Barely cries except if shes hungry and you know all the normal reasons why babies cry. She has her own personality already. She makes cute little noises when she eats and when she sleeps. She always has her hands by her face no matter what she is doing. She is perfect. Beyond perfect. She is just so adorable, I could stare at her all day. She smiles a lot especially in her sleep. I Just love her so much.

How is Daddy & Baby?
Erich is just absolutely in love with her and she just adores him already. She just stares at him with big eyes and smiles. She is always happy when he holds her.
She is going to be a daddy’s girl for sure. (Oh lord)

Life in the Wiles house:
Totally different than it was before. I’m learning to run off of 2 hours of sleep and not pass out. I’m pretty much up every 2 hours for feedings. Luckily I have friends who also have newborns who are up at the same time so we chat on Facebook. LOL
I don’t think I’ve ever changed so many diapers in my life (which she absolutely hates me doing).¬†
I get to spend all day with her while Erich is at work, constantly washing bottles, changing diapers, feeding and rocking her. I wouldn’t change it for anything.¬†
It’s amazing how much love you can have for someone who is only a little over a week old!
Being a mom is awesome.

 I Love her mittens!

 Jealous dog!

She loves her big brother!

I’ve been asked a few times where we came up with her name well here’s the answer:
Averie was about the only girl name that Erich and I both liked so we chose that for her first name. Patricia-Lee:¬†Patricia is Erich’s Mother’s name who passed away when Erich was 8 and Lee is my grandpa’s name who passed away in 2009. Wiles¬†of course is Erich’s last name.¬†

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