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A day in the life of jessie :D

My days aren’t as busy as they once were before I was pregnant and didn’t work but they still seem to be entertaining to say the least.
Let’s start with 8 am.
My husband’s first alarm goes off.
8:15am his second alarm goes off.
8:30am his third alarm goes off.
(He has to Be at work by 9am fyi)
8:40 his forth alarm goes off and then he finally gets up.
(Yeah, he’s one of those people)
As I still lay in bed, he’s getting ready for work and then asks me, “Why isn’t there any coffee made?!”
(He always jokes with me and says I am the coffee maker)
I pretty much ignore him and pretend I am still asleep.
He goes and starts hiscoffee (I do not drink coffee) and continues to get ready.
My husband likes to change in random parts of the house and just leaves his clothes there so he never knows where things are.
So, most mornings he will walk out of our room, half dressed and yell from down the hallway “Honey… Where’s my pants?”
(Because you know, I like to wear his pants sometimes)
My reply is usually, “probably in a place they shouldn’t be because you took them off there…”
(He doesn’t always understand my sarcasm when he is in a hurry HAHAHAHA)
Once he finds his pants he usually asks me why he doesn’t have a lunch packed for him.
(Again, my reply is usually a smart ass one. This is pretty much how mine and his relationship is LOL)
Some mornings when I feel like being a sweet wifey, I’ll make him a lunch.
(Which is most of the time!)
So by 8:55am he is dressed and headed out the door.
He has the worst memory ever and will forget things he needs to take with him.
(Like his lunch!)
So I name off everything he needs to take and he has like 1 out of 5 things in his pocket.
(What would this man do without me?!)
I cannot tell you how much coffee he has wasted because he pours himself a huge cup to take with him and leaves it on the railing on our front porch and forgets it.
(Even though I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like wasting things and he usually drinks like 2 drinks from the entire pot. I still can’t understand why he makes an entire pot for himself 20 minutes before he has to leave!)
Right as he is about to leave, I ask him to take our dog out like he promised he would do every morning for me.
(Which of course, he forgot he says or he would have gotten up earlier. Remember, 4 different alarms set!!!!)
He just looks at me like I just shattered his dreams. HAHA
(My youngest dog is 3 years old and is very difficult for me to take to the bathroom, especially being almost 9 months pregnant… He likes to try and yank me down the stairs.)
But, he’s a good husband and knows his pregnant wife has a hard time doing it, especially in the mornings and he does it but not happily. LOL
Finally, by 9:10am he is walking back down the stairs to go to work.
(So much for being at work by 9am, it’s a good thing his boss likes him LOL)
That is how my mornings usually go with my husband.
Now for the rest of my day…
After Husband leaves, I usually go back to bed. My husband’s side of the bed becomes the dog’s.
(My youngest dog thinks he’s human and will crawl under the blanket and put his head on the pillow while my older dog likes to sleep upside down at the end of the bed)
I usually don’t sleep much longer after my husband leaves.
(My human dog thinks he needs to lay ON me)
So I get up and get dressed.
(Kinda… being pregnant has made me less fond of clothing LOL)
I go to walk out of my room and turn around to see my dogs still laying on my bed so I have to bribe them to get up by asking one of their favorite questions… “Who’s hungry?”
(My dogs are hilarious, they Understand certain words like, Hungry, Potty and the phrase, bed time so I will say a long sentence with those words casually thrown in there and they stare at me the entire time I am talking to them and then turn their heads at those certain words. Yes, I know, I have no life)
When I am not talking to my dogs, I usually surf Netflix or I sew.
I have taken up the hobby of sewing and it’s pretty much taken over my dining room and the table.
(It’s not like anyone uses the dining room table anyways)
Once I start a sewing project, I pretty much spend the whole day finishing it.
(I have made so many things… Pajama pants, reversible beanies, reversible purses, infinity scarves, baby clothes, make-up bags and I even made an entire quilt in one day. If you’d like to learn how to sew, just come over, like I said, I have no life and I’d gladly teach someone to sew!)
When I have sewn everything I can think of at that moment, I find something else to occupy myself which is usually one of the following,
1. Eat (Which is usually what I choose to do first)
2. Clean (if my house needs it but it usually doesn’t)
3. Nap (Which is what I’ll do if I can’t find anything else to do)
3. Blog (usually if I can’t nap LOL)
4. Call and talk to my husband (Which is what I do if I absolutely have nothing else to do)
(Usually He takes the car to work because I don’t want to get dressed to go outside to drive him so I’m stuck at my house all day by myself unless someone comes to hang out with me which is usually never! HAHAHAHAHAHAH)
On a good eventful day, I do all 4 on the list and manage to sew something!
By the time I have done and finished everything, it’s around 6 or 7.
(I know what you are thinking, “How do those few things take her so long to do?!” You have to understand and take into consideration that I am almost 9 months pregnant and that means constant bathroom breaks and a few distractions in between. Some distractions can take me longer than 30 minutes, more than likely because I forgot what I was originally doing. That’s called Pregnancy brain LOL)
Usually by 7:30 pm Husband is home from work
He greets me by saying “HI LOVER!” with a big grin on his face.
(He’s always so goofy)
Then he says “I guess we’re not eating dinner tonight…?”
My reply “Yes we are, when you make it.”
(More sarcasm)
For about 30 minutes or so we are deciding who is going to have to make dinner and what is being made.
(My husband and I don’t see each other as much as we use to but we never eat dinner without each other no matter what time he gets off work)
The remainder of the night we spend watching T.V. together until we go to bed.
(When I say “together” I mean; I am watching T.V. while he snores in his chair…)
Not very often, but sometimes I can get him to play a game with me.
(The one game I usually ask him to play is Magic the Gathering which he usually says no because “It takes too much effort and energy” lol. In case you were wondering, Magic the Gathering is a nerdy card game with creatures, spells, enchantments and sorceries and stuff)
After we’re done watching a show/movie we picked, we go to bed.
(When I say we, I mean him. I hardly sleep anymore. The combination of being pregnant and him snoring pretty much makes it impossible)
There you have it, an entire day with me.
I am sure everything will be totally different once I have my daughter.
(Stay tuned for “A day in the life of Jessie with a newborn” HA)
Below are some of the things I’ve made!
(In the future I will probably do a post on how to sew something)


 Quilt I made for my father in law


 Infinity scarves I made for my mom & sister
And a reversible purse I made for my mom

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