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Dating Vs. Marriage

I realized how different my life is being married compared to just dating. SO MUCH DIFFERENT.

When I was dating Erich (Even though we lived together), things were different. Things I did, said etc..
For example, I never use to walk around in pajamas that were unattractive, I always had my hair done, and my teeth brushed.
Marriage is nothing like that!! LOL
I see all these younger¬†couples holding hands anywhere they go, or posting on Facebook about how they like to cuddle with their significant other while sleeping, and all this other honey moon stage stuff. It is definitely not like that when you get married. Well for me it isn’t.
Yes, I still hold my husbands hand in public but it really only last like a minute. Not that either of us doesn’t want to, we just prefer not to have sweaty hands!
As for the cuddling thing, yeah it’s cute and all but again, we prefer not to be sweaty. I like my space when I am sleeping. Lately, I will wake up and find the husband all the way on my¬†side of the bed and I have to tell him to slide over! LOL
When you are just dating someone, you don’t see all¬†of the odd things about them, with marriage, you experience everything first hand!
I know back when I was dating Erich, I never (well tried not to) did anything I thought was gross in front of him, like blow my nose or scratch in certain areas.
(He on the other hand didn’t care about that stuff, he’s a guy, most of them don’t)
Now, he sees pretty much everything I do, I even forget to shut the bathroom door sometimes. He does all the time!
Just cause things are not as pretty being married as they were when dating, doesn’t mean marriage isn’t awesome!!
Even though you have someone there constantly to see everything¬†you do, good and bad, they still love you and not any less for leaving the bathroom door open. You have someone to go to about anything ( I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to my husband about something gross for advice. LOL). They don’t judge you for you looking like a caveman in the mornings, your breath smelling like roadkill or the fact that you don’t shower everyday.
You can argue with them and not have to think about them wanting to break up with you cause you made them mad. (In most cases.)
I know me and my husband argue, about little things that we both think we’re right about and our arguments get intense because we are both hard headed but we never get so mad at each other to where we walk away from each other or leave.
Dating is fun but marriage is awesome.

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