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What I’ve learned about life so far

As I sit here thinking about what to blog, I think about what has happened in my life and all the interesting stories I have and the situations I’ve been in and man do I have to say, life really can suck sometimes. Life can hit you with a million things all at once when you are already down. Life can be completely unfair. Life is complicated.
But, if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t really learn to over come anything, you wouldn’t have any interesting stories to tell, your life would be kind of dull.
You just need to take everything in life as a learning experience. The good and the bad.

What I have learned about life so far is that it is unpredictable, it can be cruel, unfair, sad and just awful but it can also be amazing, fun and beautiful! Honestly, I think it’s all about how you take what life throws at you.

Trust me, I know how cruddy life can really be and when it is, you feel as if nothing will get better! You can say that you don’t think that way, that you’re a positive person but you know you’d be lying. Everyone feels like nothing will ever get better at one point in their life.
Life will test you, it’ll test your patience, it’ll test your sanity, it’ll pretty much test everything you got.
Life has tested me to my breaking point. Countless times. But, I am still standing.

I have learned that you can’t let the bad things that happen to you in life rule you or define who you are or want to be. You are stronger than the bad things that life throws at you.
I say all this like I am 65 years old and have lived my life already. HA.
Even though I am only 24 years old, I have been through some hard times and during those hard times, I never thought I would be where I am now in my life; Married to an amazing man, gained an intelligent & respectful 12 year old step-son, getting the privilege of being able to do my photography full-time because my amazing husband let me quit my job because we found out we were having a baby and he didn’t want me doing such physical work while being pregnant (I think he just likes being the one who brings home the bacon).

Life is unpredictable for sure but you only get one so make the best of it; be happy, love others and yourself and show it, show appreciation to those who are there for you, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because everyone does, learn from them, do what you want to do in the aspect that it benefits you and your future in a positive way, don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.


Love this quote!
Fun Fact: I thought I’d share how respectful my 12 year old step-son is. I think this happened 2 years ago, on veterans day… We were at my dad’s house and Erich and I were talking to my dad and my dad mentioned something about him being in the military when he was younger, and then Dom (My step-son, only 10 at the time) stands up and says “Wait, did you say you were in the military?” My dad said “Yes I did, why?” Dom then stands up and shakes his hand and says “Thank you for your service.” I was pretty shocked. I have never met a 10 year old who is that respectful!

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