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"Pregnancy Glow"

Before I was pregnant, I’ve heard everyone talk about this “pregnancy glow“.. Where your skin is flawless and your hair and nails are super model long… Well, either they lied or “pregnancy glow” has no effect on me! HA!!

I am taking prenatal vitamins, drink a lot of water daily, use the coco butter stretch mark cream and still no pregnancy glow. In fact I feel some of these had the opposite effect.

I have never really gotten bad acne, just the occasional mark here and there but after a few months of taking the prenatal vitamins, I’ve gotten more marks than normal and not just on my face. :/
The prenatals did however make my nails grow a bit, not for very long.

I can’t really say much about the stretch mark cream. Sometimes I’m too lazy to use it.. Okay, the majority of the time but, I do not have any stretch marks on my stomach, just everywhere else. LOL

I have gained a total of 55 lbs  so far during this pregnancy. My doctor likes to comment on that fact at every doctors appointment. My doctor gives me an amount of weight I should gain between appointments and I usually gain double of the amount he says.
Something that comes along with gaining so much weight is swollen ankles. yup, those suck. Not only does your WHOLE body already hurt, having to walk around on sore swollen ankles just puts the cherry on the top 😀
OH and varicose veins, yeah I have those too. They already aren’t attractive but they’re more unattractive when your white as a ghost and have these huge purple spider looking bruises on your body! But hey, your pregnant, why do you need to look attractive anyways right?
(It’s funny though, I have more of a figure now than I ever did before I was pregnant. LOL)

So there you have it, Pregnancy glow is a myth. (well for me anyways.)

Pregnancy isn’t all bad though. In fact, It’s the most interesting and beautiful experience I’ve ever had.
Knowing you have a tiny human being growing inside you (as creepy as that sounds), is just such an amazing feeling, especially when your baby moves for the first time! I remember when My daughter first moved! I was so excited and happy and I’m pretty sure I cried (could of been hormones).

I use to just sit and wait for for like 45 minutes after she moved a little, to move again and when she did, excitement all over again. Now she moves all. the, time, nonstop. from morning till night. and, she has discovered my rib cage and bladder!!!! hahahahaha Still amazing though.
I guess that’s what I consider pregnancy glow; the fact that I can feel My daughter move. The fact that I am going to be a mom. The fact that I get the privilege of raising a baby!

I don’t need long nails or flawless skin, knowing I am going to be a mom to a baby girl is good enough for me!

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