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Pregnant before marriage.

So, this past Saturday I got married (to my babies daddy of course) and being 6 months pregnant at your own wedding is hilarious.

Even though I’m 6 months pregnant and was drinking sprite during the toasts with the under age crowd,  it was the absolute most perfect day (besides the constant pee trips).

The morning of was busy.  As soon as I got up which was around 8:30am, I went right to getting my nails done,  then my hair (lucky for me, my maid of honor is a cosmetologist)and then a good friend came to do my makeup. Needless to say, I didn’t have time to eat. By the time my makeup was done, it was time for me to get married.
By the time the ceremony was finished, you could imagine,  I was starving and our reception food wasn’t ready yet.  Then before I could go find anything to eat, I was bombarded with pictures and hugs and congratulations, you know all normal wedding crap.
I was finally able to sneak away to the fridge remembering the left over fried chicken from last nights dinner!
At last,  preggo was at ease.

I walked out of the house with a huge piece of fried chicken and again was bombarded with more photos, especially cause I was stuffing my face.
Most women think about looking good and their breath smelling good on their wedding day and, pregnant women getting married think about food. If I were able to,  I would of eaten the chicken before I walked down the isle but I literally had like 30 seconds to spare after my make up was all done.

Basically everything is a challenge when your pregnant at your own wedding.
1. Trying not to feel like a whale in your dress.
2. Peeing constantly. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pee when I was standing at the alter.
3. Sitting & standing.
4. First dance.  My belly is just to big to dance comfortably.  I had to dance with my belly sideways.
5. Not eating food right when you see it!
6. Not getting food on yourself.  (Since I’ve gotten pregnant,  I haven’t been the prettiest eater)

Even though there were multiple challenges,  I overcame all of them. LOL!

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