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Wedding planning fail.

So, as I’ve already stated,  I’m engaged to be married. Sooner than originally planned. Which I don’t mind,  I’d much rather spend the money that was going to be spent on a big wedding,  on our daughter.

Funny story;
After Erich (yes, that’s how you spell his name) and I got engaged and had time to sit down and talk about the plans we had already made for the wedding,  I was listing off all the bridesmaids I had asked which turned out to be 7 of them!  He looked at me like I was crazy and said “Why the hell do you have so many bridesmaids?!”
I started laughing and said You honestly don’t remember why do you? ”  The look of confusion he gave me was priceless.
The reason behind why I had so many bridesmaids is because of him… He had already asked that many guys to be his groomsmen before I had even 4 bridesmaids in mind.  Now,  the reason why he doesn’t remember,  no it’s not because I drugged him and really wanted that many bridesmaids, is because everytime he seemed to ask someone,  he was intoxicated  Lol!
He doesn’t even know all the last names of the guys he asked!

After a while of wedding planning for a big wedding that we decided not to have anyways,  we thought about it and decided we didn’t really want that big of a wedding party.
Even though,  everyone knows we’re expecting and decided not to do a big wedding but instead a smaller one,  we have still yet to tell our wedding party that they are no longer needed.

Wedding planning fail

I’m sure they’ll know when they receive they invintation in the mail.

My advice about wedding planning,  don’t let your other half make any decisions while under the influence..

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