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A wee bit about me

Well my name is Jessie, I am a 23 year old soon to be wife and step mother as well as a housekeeper, photographer and caregiver. I am currently 6 months pregnant (It’s a girl) so to add to my already interesting list, a soon to be mom!

Care giving and photography are my passions!
I currently work at an assisted living home with residents who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia so it can get difficult at times. I cant say how many times on a daily basis I get yelled at or called foul names but it’s alright because within 10 minutes, they don’t even remember being upset. Haha!
I have been taking picture for as long as I could work a camera. Photography has become a big part of my life. I do photography for others when I am not care giving and I don’t think of it as work but more therapeutic. I love capturing special moments on camera to keep forever, which I cannot wait to do when my daughter is finally here!

I have 2 fur babies that I sometimes forget are dogs. I feel like I have more social contact with them than I do with actual humans! They sleep with me on my bed most nights, and pretty much follow me around the house, even into the bathroom… They are like toddlers. But I honestly don’t mind!  I very well may be a crazy dog lady…

I have an amazing Husband to be who takes care of me and my ‘Crazy Pregnancy Needs’ whatever they may be without complaining. Oh, and he can cook too! Definitely a pregnant woman’s dream guy! He’s a keeper huh?
He refuses to do dishes though and I can’t seem to get him to hang up his wet towel instead of leaving it on the bed…
He’s great though and is a great father to his son and will be a great father to our little girl. He has no idea what’s coming, she’s going to have him wrapped around her little finger. Poor guy…

In conclusion,
the purpose of this blog is to share my stories, thoughts and advice for every young wife, step mom and soon to be mom!


This photo was taken on 4th of July of this year! 
(I rarely have time to look like that LOL)

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